Atlantic Thermal Products, Inc.

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Maryland’s Source for Thermocouples

Some industrial applications generate incredible temperatures that standard equipment simply cannot withstand. When you need products that beat the heat and deliver the reliability you need, turn to Atlantic Thermal Products, Inc. We offer some of the best high-heat and specialized thermocouples in Maryland and the rest of the Atlantic region.

Our company has over 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing temperature sensing products and related items. No matter what you need for your specific application, we can make it for you. Contact us today to learn more about our thermocouples and explore the possibilities for your industry.

Better Products at a Better Price

Since our business began in the early 1990s, we’ve focused on a simple mission: creating better products at a better price. We believe you shouldn’t have to pay top dollar for dependable thermocouple connectors. Instead, our company combines first-rate products with competitive pricing, making it easier for you to protect your business’s bottom line.

All of our connector products are made by experienced technicians with expertise and an eye for detail that few others can match. To learn more about how our thermocouples and other products are made, talk to our team today.