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Efficient Temperature Sensing Products in Severna Park, MD

Over the past 25 years, our primary supplier has taken an active interest in improving the usability and quality of their thermal connectors and other products. As a distributor of temperature sensing products in Severna, Park, we want to help provide our supplier’s improvements to as many of our clients as possible. So contact Atlantic Thermal Products, Inc. to find out more about our thermal connectors and the advances we have achieved.

Standard Connectors, Locking Mechanisms, and Parts

When updating our thermal products, our supplier added unique features to make our temperature sensing solutions stand out. Our connectors have exposed wire capture screws so that you can easily “Jab-in” your wire without the need to remove the top cover plate. This helps to save time when handling lots of connections. Additionally, our connectors feature miniature locking plates to help capture the wire in the connector without needing to wrap it around the screw. This significantly reduces the assembly time of your connector.

Additionally, when upgrading our connectors, we moved away from using slotted screws, instead opting for a more standardized Phillips screw. This allows you to use low-torque screw guns or machines when assembling your connector, saving both time and money.

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Specialized Connectors

In addition to our standard connectors, we also offer a variety of high-heat and specialized thermocouples. Our high-temp ceramic connectors feature the same “Jab-in” and locking design as our standard couplers, but they allow for a much higher level of heat. This makes them perfect for industrial applications that generate a large amount of heat. We also offer panel and PCB connectors for use in circuit panels and on printed circuit boards. No matter which style of connector you choose, you can trust that they are all made with the same level of care and quality.

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