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Convenient & Timesaving Temperature Sensing Products in Severna Park, MD

Over the past 25 years or so, our supplier has taken an active interest in improving on what was otherwise a stagnant product. Therefore, shortly after joining the temperature sensing market, our journey to stand out in the market began. Discover a few of the most significant features of our temperature sensing products in Severna Park, MD. To learn more, reach out to us today.

Miniature Locking Plates

A feature added early on was to provide miniature locking plates under the wire attachment screws. No longer did a user or manufacture assembler have to twist the tiny gauge thermocouple wires under the screw heads and tighten them. One simply loosened the attachment screws, pushed the wire lead beneath the locking plate, and tightened the screw. This reduces assembly time and cost.

Phillips Screws

Next came a changeover from single slotted screws to Phillips screws. This aided in the use of low torque screw guns or machines for even faster installation, which saves both time and money.

Locking Feature

Our product supplier has a patent-pending locking feature for coupling both our male and female miniature thermocouple connectors, circuit board connectors, panels, and panel inserts. This feature is welcomed wherever vibration is likely.

Standard Connectors

We have available a standard connector, wherein the wire capture screws are exposed through the top cover. Thus, the top cover does not have to be removed. This "Jab-In" feature is another time and cost-saving feature.

Thermocouple Connector Accessories - Severna Park, MD

High-Temp Ceramic Connectors

We have available ultra-high temp ceramic connectors featuring the same "Jab-In" upgrade used in our other standard connectors.

And More

Also available are a number of ancillary thermocouple accessories that are innovative in their own right. One such product being the wire insert that offers tension and a locking feature when the connector is used in close quarters, or when our mini crimp insert or mini cable clamp isn't possible. The use of Phillips screws is also convenient when using screw guns and small washer plates beneath the screws to lock the wire leads. No more twisting of wires to encompass the retaining screws.

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