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Things to Consider When Researching Temperature Sensing Products


For industries that require temperature monitoring systems, it is critical to have tools that accurately record fluctuations. If you are not sure what you need, trust Atlantic Thermal Products, Inc. to supply helpful information.

Temperature Range

An essential aspect of temperature control monitoring is the range of the unit. Different sensors are more suited to particular degrees.

Size or Packaging Style

Always choose temperature sensing products and thermocouple accessories based on your application. A threaded stud is suitable for general purposes, but a closed tube is best for liquid applications. If you need surface sensing, ring terminals and other thin round metal stampings are your best option.


As with most things, accuracy is essential. Despite the low cost of thermocouples, you would do better choosing a thermistor temperature probe for their more consistent performance.


You’re likely looking for long-term stability. As such, you’ll want to consider the type of temperature sensing product you choose. Factor in the unit’s construction and materials to determine whether it will meet your needs.

Noise Immunity

Electrical noise and lead resistance are something to think about with temperature sensing products. Consider resistance during the initial switch and whether performance is affected by electrical noise or lead resistance, or both.

Should you have questions about temperature monitoring units or thermocouple connectors and accessories, just give us a call.