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Trust Atlantic Thermal Products, Inc. to supply you with temperature sensing products in Severna Park, MD. We offer a variety of high-quality thermocouples for a range of industrial temperature sensing applications. Our products are available in standard, hi-temperature, and ultra-high temperature configurations to meet the needs of your company. This way you can accurately measure temperatures up to 650 degrees Celsius with our thermocouple connectors.

Top-Quality Components

All of the thermocouples we have to offer are made using high-quality components which helps to ensure that our products can stand up to every application you use them on within your company. We also offer several unique features on our thermal products to help make them even easier to use.

One of these unique features is that we use Philips-head screws on all of the wire connecting screws on our devices. This makes installing them quicker, which helps to save your company both time and money. We also use locking plates along with the screws to help hold the wire firmly in position to prevent the system from coming apart during operations.

Designed in a Variety of Form-Factors

At our company, we understand that not every application needs the same type of thermal connector. That is why we offer our temperature sensing products in a large variety of package designs. Our standard connectors attach directly to a wire to provide accurate temperature feedback from the system it is connected too. We also have miniature connectors which have a similar package design as our standard ones but are just smaller for higher gauge wire.

We also offer solutions which can be soldered directly onto printed circuit boards. This is perfect for applications where you need internal temperature sensing on your equipment. Our PCB connectors are typically limited to lower temperatures; however, anything over these levels could potentially damage other components on the board.

Finally, we offer thermal products which can mount directly into electrical panels and racks. These form factors let you accurately sense temperatures inside your panels without needing external equipment.

Always Innovating

At Atlantic Thermal Products, Inc., we are always updating and iterating over our thermocouple designs. This has helped to make us the industry leader in thermal sensing technology, and we are always looking for new ways to overcome new challenges in the industry. So when you need innovative thermal sensing equipment for your industrial applications, turn to our company to deliver everything you require.

Contact us to learn more about our thermal products. We proudly serve Severna Park, MD, and the surrounding areas.

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