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Everything You Need to Know About Thermocouple Connectors


When you need accurate temperature readings, put your trust in thermocouple connectors. These connectors ensure the displayed temperature is correct according to the signal from the sensor to the lead wire.

When selecting the correct Hamitherm thermocouple connector, it’s important to know three essential characteristics:

Thermocouple Alloys

The connector’s thermocouple contacts must match the thermocouple sensor and lead wires. This concept seems very basic but is a common mistake, even with established manufacturers.

Color Coding

Color coding helps identify and match the connectors to the thermocouple wire and sensors. Since color-coding can be confusing, many manufacturers supply a chart with technical references to ensure correct assembly and function.

Functional Temperature

The thermocouple connector body material and the alloy pins are critical points to consider in temperature measurement applications. Body materials can include thermoplastics, thermosets, and ceramics which provide an overall range of -40F to 1200F. The metal pins within the connector can handle temperatures below zero to over 2000F.

It’s best to speak with an Atlantic Thermal Products, Inc. specialist to determine the capabilities your application requires. Please contact us with any questions about our temperature sensing products, and we’d be happy to provide the information you need.